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Artist Clara Shen

Clara Shen


About the Artist


My work reflects a constant pursuit of aesthetic values. While in graduate school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, my focus was the techniques of traditional oil painting - particularly of Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Velasquez. 

After graduating, I started a search in Italy for a new focus, as so many artists have done before me. There I was basking in the golden age of the Renaissance, devouring the works of Giotto and Pietro Della Francesca, and drinking to my heart's content with Siennese painters like Duccio and Sassetta; I felt elevated by the mysticism and the glistening light in their compositions.

Ever since moving to New York in 2010 I find myself invigorated by the vivid art scene with its many facets. I am entralled at the Met by its ancient art and the old Masters, and at the same time energized by modern art. Here, inspired by the abundance of options, I started making collages and experimenting with mixed media. My current obsession is watercolor - to me it is the ideal medium for meditation on aestheticism. It has a quiet contemplative quality that attracts me, and encourages me to observe nature, be attentive to light and form, and focus on composition. 
Born in China in 1982, I currently live and make art in Sleepy Hollow.