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Chamber Event Discover Leadership Get Results

The Greater Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce
Educational Series Event
Tuesday, September 19 at 8:30 am

Discover Leadership Potential, Get Results

Presenter:  Susan L. Lauer
 Principal and Co-Founder of Aspire Consulting, Ltd. 

Aspire is committed to helping individuals, communities and organizations discover personal and professional opportunities and create measurable improvements which enhance long-term sustainable organizational success. 


Within organizations and businesses, there is unrealized talent, lost time, and hidden potential leading to less than optimal performance and results. Individual and organizational performance improvement can be gained with two simple models. This workshop will focus on developing self-leadership, and in turn leadership of others. Participants will understand how they can maximize their personal talent, time, and potential. It will also detail ways that this can be applied throughout their teams and organizations. We will explore the value of self-awareness, attitude development, skills acquisition, applied knowledge, and behavioral change to individual and organizational development and results.