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STOP AT THE RED APPLE, Thursday, July 13, 7pm

Author Elaine Freed Lindenblatt
Thursday, July 13, 7pm

If you have ever stopped at the Red Apple Rest, the landmark restaurant is about to return the favor. Author Elaine Freed Lindenblatt, the youngest daughter of Reuben Freed, a Russian immigrant who turned his roadside stop into the celebrated Red Apple Rest, will be here with the inside story of her father’s colorful eatery. Take a 50-year armchair ride back along NY Route 17 and learn what it was like to grow up in a round-the-clock family business that served over one million customers annually.

Elaine Freed Lindenblatt  is an editor and writer whose essays—on topics ranging from slice-of-life to the Holocaust—are widely published in Hudson Valley newspapers. She calls her book Stop at the Red Apple  “the story I had to tell.”  Stop at the Red Apple will be available for sale and signing. More info at: