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Helen Ferrulli Artist

Helen Ferrulli



About the Artist and Exhibit


Boats, Blossoms and a Bike


This exhibition resulted from inspirational summer experiences found in richly endowed natural environments, not too dissimilar from ones that can be found in Tarrytown with its waterfront and historic sites. My first visit to the town, with its bustling main street, historic architecture, and  winding back roads, replete with houses punctuated by colors bursting from exuberant gardens, delighted and refreshed me. The recent completion of a phenomenal 21st century technological convenience, the new cosmically charged bridge in Tappan Zee, highlights its essence as an historical coastal Hudson River town.


What a delight to have been invited to share my digital interpretations of a few special, stopped action, summer moments with visitors to the solidly   historic Warner Library, even while my diligence as an art historian still prevails. The Library continues its vital role as a cornerstone of service to this very unique community with programs that interpret the challenges of the past as well as suit our rapidly, changing 21st century.


Art is made in many contexts, not just for the arena. Ancient cultures made art as a matter of course. They didn't characterize it as such, as it was just a fact of life, an approach we have sadly abandoned in the current, over the moon, quest for celebrity.  Ironically, it's the creative process that rewards.


Not all professional pursuits result in performances in branded public spaces. However, given the opportunity, talents can be employed to vivify one's own imagination or shared in venues founded to enlighten and inspire, such as the Warner Library.