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Artist Doris Mady
Doris Mady
I consider myself an “outdoor” painter, also known as a Plein Aire Painter. Once someone asked me, “Why plein aire?”. My answer, ”because I feel alive when I’m outside and the world has so many possibilities.”
In particular, when I look at the ocean with all its infinite variations I can not help but be awe-struck by its unfolding majesty. Unknowingly I will let out a silent sigh and at times feel a kinship with the water and a sense of peace. If I can obtain that feeling with my plein air paintings (despite the weather, the wind, the changing light), and bestow that “sigh” to those viewing my work, then, I am happy with the knowledge that perhaps I’ve
offered a bit of peace to another person.
As a child, before all the budget cuts for The Arts, I was fortunate to attend public schools that had art programs. In Junior High School and High School I majored in art. I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, studied at School of Visual Arts, Westchester Community and Skidmore Colleges. Following a long, successful advertising career as creative director/graphic designer in some of advertising’s Top Twenty advertising agencies I decided to pursue my first love: oil painting. Painting has taken me all over the world and brings me such enjoyable moments.