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Artist: Alice Soyer




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About the Artist


“As a musician, I approach the creation of my artwork as a performance. These last years, I’ve started a series of drawings inspired by musicians performing, dancers and rain atmospheres. I love the motion and the natural elements like wind and rain as constructive and deconstructive components. The paper becomes the stage. I try to keep as much as possible the presence and the intensity during the execution. My charcoal squares become like blades, cutting the space of the sheet, sculpting the void to let shapes come up. 


I’m first inspired by existing photos or some I shoot myself. They are a starting point, then the medium takes control. I’m more interested in the suggestion than in the recognition of the subject. If I make a comparison with my music, it would be like choosing open and unresolved chords and propose open questions rather than give answers”. 


Artist Biography

Alice Soyer is a French singer-songwriter and visual artist from Paris, based in Tarrytown, New York. Music and visual art have been central since her childhood and have never stopped to be in constant dialogue. It all started with classical piano lessons and at home listening to her father’s voice singing all kind of repertoire. One day her piano teacher, passionate about jazz and pop music, introduced her to Rickie Lee Jones. Then and there, she knew that she had to sing. She finally quit the conservatory, started to explore her own voice and write her first songs. The piano became then her best companion, always remembering the harmonies of Ravel and Debussy. Creativity has always been her refuge. As a child, she used to draw a lot, sketching situations around her.


Later she studied Art History and started to paint at the « Beaux-Arts »’s school several evenings per week for years. She taught art for a couple of years while still writing songs. She published a book, a reflection on the process of creation starting with her own artwork as a “specimen” to study (drawings, photos, objects). One day she met great musicians, the drummer Pascal Rey and the guitarist Sylvain Luc who encouraged her to go for her music, which she did. A first album called “Persona” produced by Sylvain Luc with original compositions of hers. Then a second one called “Motus et Bouche Cousue”. Another big turning point arrived when the legends Bob James and David Sanborn recorded one of her songs “Geste Humain” for their own album. She had the great fortune that David Sanborn recorded two more of her songs on his last album. The magic goes on as they share more and more music together in different kind of projects.