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An Artful Response




Despair is not a chic suit.
It does not give you cheekbones.
It does not levitate,
enthrone. While it comes equipped
with knives, they cut everything,
not the right things. No skilled
dissections. Consider
instead the boiler suit, the overalls
of labor. They’re built for dirt
and jostle. For working,
not for judging. They have
such cheery pockets, built
for tools, and tools for purpose,
purposes of making, despite
the weaknesses of metal, the weeds
in every garden. Grease smears,
sure, but it speeds. And the ring
of hammers can be music.

                                Mary Ann Dimand



When fear reigns it isn't pretty
Spread without mercy or pity
throughout every town and city
When fear reigns it isn't pretty


When fear reigns out in the wild
Frightening every man and child
No place is left undefiled
When fear reigns out in the wild


When fear reigns deep in the mind
Bending truth lets chaos shine
No coherent thought to find
When fear reigns deep in the mind


When fear reigns in all the land
Disaster waits each failed plan
Borders close as a last stance
When fear reigns in all the land


When fear reigns hope is sought
Courage strength can't be bought
differences matter not
When fear reigns hope is sought


When fear reigns eyes to the sky
Hands in prayer asking why
Deity watch faithful cry
When fear reigns look to the sky


When fear reigns all put to test
God is beseeched to protect
Human spirit tries its best
When fear reigns all put to test


When fear reigns man should understand
Life's fragile no matter the plans
It can disappear where one stands
When fear reigns man should understand


When fear reigns heroes emerge
Those who'll selflessly converge
Lay down their life fighting scourge
When fear reigns heroes emerge


                              Dr. Sangeeta Sethi



I got lavender in the Bedroom

I got the pink and blue ones in the bathroom's down the hall.
I got the yellow I've been spraying on the sofa and the walls.
I got the liquid for the bucket.
I love to mop, mop, mop,mop.
I got two cases of the wipes because the wiping never stops.
I know it sounds like im hoarding but imposters are not the same.
I just love my Lysol and without it  I would go insane.
                                                        Mary Zerella Bernal
I Don't Want to Use Imposters
I knew I should have bought more Lysol.
I can't find it anywhere.
Mine is going quite fast since I am always spraying the air.
I have so many bottles but will they get me though?
I hate the thought of imposters because they will just not do.
The lemon scent is amazing --  it makes me drift away.
I sure hope this virus ends before my Lysol goes away.
I spray it up , I spray it down, I spray it when people come from out of town.
I spray it far , I spay it near , I spray my Lysol everywhere. 
I love its scent ,like a perfume. I spray it through all of my house into every
room. I go outside I spray my car .  I also have a small one I carry around for when I go out
shhhhhhh.... don't tell I spray the town. 


                                                 Mary Zerella Bernal
Mason Chapman




Ron Bucalo - American Music Pioneers

About American Music Pioneers
American Music Pioneers (AMP) is the brainchild of brothers Ron and Glenn Bucalo, principals of Mars-Beat Studios, the publisher of the hand-illustrated cards. Ron, who illustrated the cards while Glenn designed them, said he came up with the idea for the project partly because he “wanted to carry a Thelonius Monk card in my wallet.” Susanna Miller has written widely on Jazz and entertainment for publications.
Volume 1: Jazz portrays 35 outstanding musical legends that have shaped and continue to inspire America’s rich jazz tradition: from Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday to Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis. More information about AMP is at