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Susan Chavez


Flowers and Faces


Heart of the Matter



Fractured Fractals (1 of 3)

Fractured Fractals (Group)

Dressed to Kill



Tomatoes on the VIne







Susan Chavez





About the Artist



Susan Chavez, educator, craftsperson, visual artist, began creative expression owing to natural curiosity, an active imagination, and body and hands ceaselessly exploring and manipulating her environment. Primarily self taught, she has participated in art classes in New York and California, where she honed her techniques and exhibited her completed works. Susan's access to cameras and a variety of materials, mediums, and tools, combined with her love of nature, museums, exploration and travel, have provided inspiration for paintings. Her desire to create and complete projects has historically motivated her to expand the process of simply painting to include fabricating the stretcher, constructing, staining, and framing that very same piece of art. 


From abstract to zoological, and everything in between, real or imagined, any subject is fair game. Preferring oils, she also works in pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and pastel. Susan's goal is for you to experience an emotional response to and be moved by her work. 


Enjoy the ride.


  • Flowers and Faces, Oil, 22x30
  • The Heart of the Matter, Oil, 4 1/2 feet by near 4 feet.
  • PEACE, Acrylic, 11x14"
  • Fractured Fractals (1 of 3), Acrylics, 12"x12" 
  • Fractured Fractals (Group), Acrylics, 3 canvas at 12"x12" each
  • Dressed to Kill 12"x14"  Oil
  • Teardrop  8"×10"  Oil (don't know why it turned)
  • Wetlands 11"×14"  Oil
  • Tomatoes on the Vine 11"×13" Oil
  • Cat 8"×10"  Oil
  • Asparagus, Oil, 10"×12" 
  • Gala, Acrylic, 24"×24"
  • Crisis, Oil, 42"×50"
  • Beets, Watercolor, 14"×17"
  • Rorschach, Acrylic, 21"×24 1/2"
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