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Artist Mittul Mishra

Mittul Mishra

On display June 1 through June 30

About the Artist


Mittul makes her Warner debut with an array of beautiful artwork. Her work is nothing short of stunning.

Items are available for purchase and all proceeds go to Covid Relief. To discuss a purchase, please contact the artist:  Ph (c):347- 947 0824   Email:



As long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw and paint.


I am obsessed with women portraits, however I also love depicting wildlife. I try to create a certain mood in my paintings and would like the observers to see it too. I like my paintings to be realistic with one step in the abstract. I like to show emotions that we are hiding from others, and choose to keep inside.


What I really wish is that observers stop by the painting and allow themselves to take some time and try to understand the emotions of the painting. 


I have a personal bond with every painting so I always have a hard time detaching from them. 


From the first experiences I was driven to explore new techniques. Wherever there is a creativity I had my fingers on, whether it is architecting a project, painting, web design or cooking. 


All of my ideas come from my head. Sometimes it takes days of rethinking and improving the idea in my head before I make the sketch. Even when the painting starts I might reconsider and change things. I do not rush and always take time to step back and observe in the painting process. 


I explored techniques such as ink, pencil and finally acrylics. I love to experiment with Gold leaf and other metallic leaf and play with texture.


Most of the time I did drawings and explored pencil technique. I was determined to capture the most important in pencil - the shadings with no other tool but the pencil itself. After a long time I decided it is time to move on to acrylics and to convert to a completely new technique and dive into new challenges. 


The thing that I love about the painting on canvas is that the painting is always changing, depending on the time of the day, on the sources of light and the room they are hanged in.