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Thanksgiving Radio Plays

Thursday, November 8 at 2pm

Enjoy two old time radio plays featuring famous comedians George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Jack Benny.


"Gracie Buys a Live Turkey"  
The show contains classic Gracie antics as George goes over the family budget and a great speech from George about buying less so the troops have more.  To save money, Gracie buys the family a turkey for Thanksgiving, the only problem is that it's still alive and gobbling. Stars: George Burns, Gracie Allen. 30 min. Aired: November 17, 1942.


"Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey" 
Jack Benny is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year and needs a turkey for 15, but Turkeys are 55 cents a pound and Jack has a penny pinching dilemma.  Jack's indecision makes him ponder about the life of the turkeys and their families in the butcher shop. Jack dreams he is a turkey and tries to catch a train out of town.  Stars Jack Benny.  Aired:  November 21, 1943. 30 min.