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Video: Bolano's 2666, Part 1: The Part About the Academics

Thursday, November 1, 6:30pm Roberto Bolano's 2666, Part 1: The Part About the Academics
On Thursday November 1, we will stream “Part 1: The Part About the Academics” and hold an audience discussion moderated by George Kraus. On Saturday, November 3, at 12:30pm, we will stream Part 2 through Part 5.

A soaring adaptation of Chilean-born author Roberto Bolaño’s masterpiece,, named the “Best Book of 2008” by Time magazine and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, is a not-to-be-missed theatrical event.  2666 begins with a group of hapless European academics hot on the trail of an elusive author—a search that leads them into the dark heart of a Mexican border city where the murders of hundreds of women remain unsolved. This story gives way to a surprising, panoramic portrait of the 20th century illuminating the power of literature to reflect and transform the world. An unflinching look at the nature of evil, 2666 is an ambitious new work unlike any other theatrical experience.  The production-with its live-and-a-half-hour running time, five distinct sets and 15-member ensemble cast appearing in 80 roles-is available as a free streaming video generously made possible by The Roy Cockrum Foundation. The five parts of 2666 are: Part 1: The Part About the Academics; Part 2: The Part About Amalfitano; Part 3: The Part About Fate; Part 4: The Part About the Crimes; and Part 5: The Part About Archimboldi. (2666 is recommended for mature audiences only.)
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