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Author Visit: Michael Mannion, Erin's Daughters
Erin's Daughters by Michael Mannion Saturday, November 17, at 2pm
A young woman determined to live free. From the start, Colleen Murphy was observant, curious, searching.  She had a sparkling glow about her.  In her teens, she broke away from her strict Irish Catholic upbringing but Colleen was never a “rebel without a cause.”  She struggled to understand who she was and what Life was all about.  In her 20s, she was part of the revolutionary changes of that era.
  But many of the advances of "The 60s" did not survive.  In her 30s, Colleen entered a period of profound difficulty.  She gradually became discouraged, lost.  Those who loved her deeply worried about her.  They did not know if Colleen would survive…neither did she. This is her story.

Michael Mannion, co-founder of The Mindshift Institute, has been a professional writer and editor for over 40 years, focusing on medicine, healing and new science.  His novel, Erin's Daughters, was published in October 2018.  He is also the author of a number of nonfiction books and two previously published novels, Colleen and Death Cloud