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VIDEO: The Place Where The People Gather (SHIFF)

Friday, October 11 at 5:30

Akuy Eenda Maawehlaang: The Place Where The People Gather (28 min.) witnesses the Ramapough-Lenape Nation’s struggle togather as a community and pray on their own land, in the face of legal & financial abuse at the hands of the township of Mahwah, and a private home-owner’s association called the Polo Club. The filmmaker Brooklyn’s lens of personal grief, from losing his filmmaking-parent Jonathan (with whom this project began), weaves together an old Lenape myth with a newer story of wildlife endangerment. Together they form an emotional ode to indigenous futures, diversity, and the continuity of life on earth. Q&A after the screening with members of the Ramapough tribe, moderated by Tim Greiving (NPR, The Los Angeles Times) (Screening outside of competition).
This event is Free to the public, but a $5-$30 donation is encouraged at the door, 100% of which will go to help the Ramapough Tribe Legal Fund.