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College Planning Mondays: Learning Support Programs in College: What’s the best fit?

Monday, February 10 @ 7 pm

Amanda MarinoDirector of Admissions, Living Learning Support Programs, Mitchell College

The session will:

  • Provide an overview of the learning and social support options available at the post-secondary level for students with Learning Differences, AD/HD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Talk about the varying differences in support programs at the post-secondary level and include information about the shift in rights, roles and responsibilities of students and developing skills needed for college readiness.
  •  Discuss what is needed for students to succeed in the transition from High School to College including their self-advocacy skills, becoming familiar with their disability and how to start working on independent living skills in high school.
  • Touch upon admissions process for applying for services, accommodations or support at the post-secondary level. Focusing on questions like what is the role of the student during the application process and what makes a good candidate for what program?
Please sign up at the Information Desk or call (914) 631-7734.