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Warner Film Series @ Home: Wednesdays

Warner Film Series @ Home:  Stream these Kanopy Suggestions    April 8, 2020 
King of Hearts 

During World War I, Scottish soldier is sent on a mission to a village in the French countryside to disarm a bomb set by the retreating German army. He encounters a strange town occupied by the former residents of the local psychiatric hospital who escaped after the villagers deserted. Assuming roles like Bishop, Duke, barber, and circus ringmaster, they warmly accept the visitor as their King of Hearts.

King of Hearts” has the unrelenting visual excitement of a great silent film, but with incisive dialogue that might have arisen on some middle ground between Swift and Lewis Carroll. George Delerue’s music is remarkably vivid and appropriate. A surrealistic jewel of a comedy which you realize, when you can catch your breath between laughs, has made the case for the sanity of the lunatics and the madness of the war-waging sane." - Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times  Features  Alan Bates, Françoise Christophe, Genevieve Bujold,  Michel Serrault, Micheline Presle, Pierre BrasseurIn
French with English subtitles.  (Foreign languages subtitled. Choose the closed caption option CC for to have subtitles for the whole film, including English dialogue.)  1 h, 42 m