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Ayurveda and Heart Health: The Power of Mind and Spirit

Tuesday, February 2, 6:15-7:30pm

A Free Zoom Health Session with Dr. Kaushik. Register online to attend.

In Ayurveda, the heart is the energetic center of the body, effecting – and effected by – the cells and tissues of every other organ. They are inseparable. The  Ayurvedic philosophy of body, mind, spirit, is no more critical to any organ than to the heart,  as it influences the whole. A healthy mind and spirit translates into a healthy heart. Come and discover: 

∙ Heart issues for the different doshas (body constitutions) 

∙ How stress and inflammation affect your heart and other organs 

∙ The connection between digestion and heart health 

∙ Foods, herbs, and supplements that benefit the heart  

∙ What happens when you are “heartsick” 

∙ Why a detox program benefits the heart and organs 

∙ How an “attitude of gratitude” can be key to heart & body health