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Stress and Insomnia: Breaking the Cycle with Ayurveda

Tuesday, March 9, 6:15-7:30pm

A free zoom health session with Dr. Kaushik. Register online to attend.

Reasons for insomnia - whether acute (temporary) or chronic (ongoing) – abound. Stress,  anxiety, depression, physical discomfort, pain, illness, side effects from medications, schedule  or lifestyle changes, and environmental triggers, are just a few things that can impact sleep. The results are numerous and can result in a never-ending downward spiral of irritability,  mood swings, impaired judgement, cognitive functioning, accidents, as well as being a  precursor to serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, aging, and more. Come and discover: 

∙ Causes for insomnia and/or interrupted sleep patterns 

∙ Why 8 hours may not be the correct amount of sleep for you 

∙ How to regain balance and establish the right sleep pattern for you 

∙ If age has anything to do with your sleep pattern 

∙ Body types that are more prone to stress and how to compensate 

∙ Foods that reduce stress and foods to avoid to help you sleep 

∙ Natural supplements or herbs that can aid in reducing stress and promoting sleep  ∙ Exercises, meditations, and mantras that promote relaxation