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Hall of Fame Essays

The Hall of Fame Essay Contest was planned as a remembrance of the men and women whose leadership and commitment helped make Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow famous and interesting. Students are given the opportunity to exercise their research skills and discover interesting facts and stories about their home villages. The Historical Society serving Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, the Warner Public Library, the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns and our two Villages have worked together to make this event a yearly celebration. An Awards Ceremony is held at the Warner Library where the mayors of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow present two cash prizes to the Sleepy Hollow High School student winners. The essays are framed and displayed on the Third Floor at the Warner Library.


— Winning Essays —


John Anderson
by Arya Glenn
(Download PDF)

Rafael Joseffy
by Maya Weitzen
(Download PDF)


Beatrice Jackson
by Lucy Rogers

(Download PDF)

Norman Mingo
by Sarah Clayton

(Download PDF)


Kathryn Davis
by Maggie Singman

(Download PDF)

Eddie Collins
by Andrew Walek

(Download PDF)


Ambrose Kingsland
by Daniel Livingston
(Download PDF)

Frederic Philipse
by Virginia Ruhland-Mauhs

(Download PDF)


Margaret Hardenbroeck
by Nadia Fassa
(Download PDF)

Robert Goldblatt
by Katie Miles
(Download PDF)


Jay Gould
by Liam O'Sullivan
(Download PDF)

Dr. John Robertson
by Elizabeth Silver

(Download PDF)


Elsie Janis
by Sara Friedman
(Download PDF)

Amanda Foster
by Katherine Kachnowski
(Download PDF)


Rockwell Kent
by Lily Sands
(Download PDF)

John Paulding
by Claire Royston
(Download PDF)


Worcester Reed & Cornelia Blakemore Warner
by Madeline McGovern
(Download PDF)

Nathan Cobb
by Laura Epstein
(Download PDF)


Cornelia Beekman
by Emily Eagan
(Download PDF)

Minna Irving
by Amelia Rose Bonvento
(Download PDF)


William L. Wallace
by Olesya Bylim
(Download PDF)

General Howard Carroll, Jr.
by Gabrielle Cellante
(Download PDF)


Frank Romer Pierson
by Elyssa Swanson
(Download PDF)

Cassity Eliza Mason
by Sarah Feigelson
(Download PDF)


Jacob Ackerman
by Alee Praino
(Download PDF)

Isadora Duncan
by Nora Burke
(Download PDF)


Rear Admiral John L. Worden
by Christopher Verdi
(Download PDF)

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
by Anthony Hinds
(Download PDF)


John Charles Fremont
by Chris Miller
(Download PDF)

Helen Gould Shepard
by Katelyn Moore
(Download PDF)