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Achieve your learning and career goals. Find computer tutorials for mastering Microsoft Office, learning about your Operating System, Computer Graphics and Illustration, Popular Software Tools, and Getting Started with the Internet.


Basic Computer Skills

Online tutorials identified by Sharon Kullberg and the librarians at the John C. Hart Memorial Library

GCF Learn Free - Technology Training
A database of guides and tutorials on everyday technologies from computers, to emails to smartphones and even online safety!

Webwise Computer Tutor

A comprehensive free online tutoring system to help beginners learn the basics of mouse and keyboard, along with Internet basics, Windows icons, social media basics, and more!


Mouse Tutorials:

Mouse Tutorial #1

Mouse Tutorial #2

Mouse Tutorial #3


Keyboard Tutorials:

Sense-lang is an online interactive tutorial for beginners learning to use the keyboard in over 10 languages.

ByteBack offers an introduction and increasing interactive levels to help you learn and keep you going.

GCF has a simple interactive typing exercise for beginners.

Free Typing Games is a great way to learn how to type.

Advanced beginners

Keyboard Functions

Microsoft Office 365 Training Center

Lessons and exercises for Microsoft Office 365.


The Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives


Free Online Instructional Videos

Free Online Instructional Videos: These free online videos are great for learning about computer hardware and software, social media, podcasting, online photo sharing and more.


How Stuff Works:
Instructional documents stating in plain English how computers and monitors work.

How PCs Work

How Computer Monitors Work

Cursive Writing

Cursive Alphabet Worksheets

More Cursive Alphabet Worksheets

VIDEO: Cursive Lessons Playlist

VIDEO: Cursive Writing - Complete Lesson

Five Reasons Kids Should Still Learn Cursive Writing

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